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Visualizing the Biggest Economic Bubbles

A bubbles chart comparison of the cryptocurrency market’s capitalization against other financial markets

The cryptocurrency market is still young, and there are still  growth opportunities yet to come. This can easily be seen by comparing the capitalization of major financial markets.

The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is approximately $2.6 trillion. The top 30 cryptocurrencies account for approximately $2.27 trillion and 87% of the entire market. 

The cryptocurrency market has achieved its current capitalization over the past ten years due to its technological development and the interest of retail investors. However, it may have much more growth ahead due to:

  • the implementation of legislative regulation;

  • the influx of institutional investments;

  • increased interest of retail investors;

  • the research and development of new services and technologies.

However, the market itself is still relatively young, and growth opportunities still lie ahead. Even if 10% of the world's capital flows into the market, we will see a significant rise in cryptocurrency prices. As a result, the current capitalization of $2.6 trillion can easily be overcome, and by 2025 the market capitalization could exceed tens of trillions of dollars.

Published: Nov 29, 2021
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